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Training = $700.00/month

At Wingait, we believe that each horse is unique and deserves individual attention. One of our main goals is to set the horse up for success — the result is solid, confident horses that enjoy their job.

Halter Training = $500.00/month

This is for getting a horse ready for showing in hand. We work them three to four times a week, depending on the horse's individual needs. They also are turned out for some playtime in a small private paddock on their off days.


Stallions standing at stud = $450.00/month

Turn out in a stud paddock is available, and they will be groomed daily.

Mare care = $275.00/month (pro-rated if less than a month)

Mare care with foal at side = $400/month (pro-rated if less than a month)

Turned out during the day to romp and play with shelters and automatic waters. The foals are handled on a daily basis and are raised in a relaxed environment. They are given time to be "babies," and when they are ready to grace the show ring or someone's back yard, they are prepared to excel either way.


Whether you are interested in becoming a show ring competitor or just love horses and want to enjoy learning how to ride in a friendly and fun atmosphere, you are welcome to join our lesson program.

We offer Western, Saddleseat, hunt seat, and driving to all levels of riders/drivers. In all facets of the learning process, a strong sense of camaraderie, sportsmanship, and FUN is encouraged. Safety is paramount: therefore, we place special emphasis on both kids and adult riders learning how to properly care for and handle horses while riding and grooming.

Girl in Blue Riding a Horse

Rider on Horse Being Presented Award

Teenager on Horseback, Horse Breeding and Lessons

Boy Brushing Pony, Horse Breeding And Lessons

Young Girl in Pink Riding a Horse

Child in Helmet, Horse Breeding and Lessons

Girls with a Painted Horse

Girl in Pink Riding a Horse

Girl in White Riding a Horse

Boy in Red Riding a Horse

Boys Painting a Horse

Rider and Horse

Child on Horseback, Horse Breeding And Lessons

Young Adult on Horseback, Horse Breeding And Lessons

Adult and Young Horses Running

Horse Family